Mystery of the Heritage Murders – Don’t miss this exciting event!

Not all is quite as it seems at Heritage Park Hotel.

There’s an eeriness in the room, and a suspect at the table, but the question remains – can you solve the murder mystery at our next Halloween dinner event?

Exclusively, for one night only, we invite you to join us for an immersive dining experience like no other. This thrilling three course dinner date promises an evening of spine-chilling suspense and serious crime-solving tactics, as you attempt to decipher the unspoken clues that will lead you straight down the path to catching a killer.

Already dusting off your best Cluedo costume?

Let us tell you more.

What is a Murder Mystery Event?

Designed to put your detective skills to the test, and provide an evening of entertainment, a murder mystery dinner is a themed event where participating guests are given the chance to solve a unique murder mystery case.

Actors come dressed and ready to play and guests are invited to join in, often given character roles and secret agendas to act out amongst their fellow game-players. Before dinner is served up, you can expect to mingle, chat, and get to know your accompanying dinner guests but listen carefully – some of your first clues will drop during the pre-dinner drinks.

More will follow throughout the evening, and as the game draws in to a close, the killer is revealed – unless of course, you just didn’t get close enough to sussing out the suspect!

Our Murder Mystery event is hosted by 1stcallmurdermystery, as seen on ‘Murder by Design’ on Netflix.

How long will the Murder Mystery event last?

We invite you to join us for 6pm start with the event expected to finish shortly before midnight. This isn’t a quick hour-long game, it’s a full night out with a three-course meal included. Don’t worry that that you’ll get bored at any point though – with so many intriguing characters to keep you on your toes, you might even want to stay the night.

We’re offering a discounted Bed & Breakfast rate for dinner guests who want to stay on and slumber after solving the Mystery of The Heritage Murders!

Will I need to dress up?

There’s no obligation to dress up for the event, you can wear what you’re most comfortable in. But if you want to add a touch of old-class vintage glamour to your evening, we encourage you to come in costume!

Do I have to play a character?

Only if you want to. There’ll be no need to get this involved unless you choose to. Most of our dinner guests enjoy playing along as detectives, uncovering the clues, and solving the mystery as they enjoy the experience. 

Do we work in teams?

You can play along on your own, or with friends and family as our intriguing characters and their ingenious plots and cryptic clues keep you guessing. We think it’s a whole lot of fun when there’s a few of you to solve the curious case of murder, together. Why not invite some friends along and make it a spectacular social event this Halloween?

What’s on the menu?

We’re expecting our game-playing detectives to have good culinary taste, so we’ve created a three-course dinner menu to match. With choices available for each course, there’s something to tempt everyone’s tastebuds. Here’s what we’ve got lined up:


  • Spiced Winter Vegetable Soup. Served with crust roll and Welsh butter.
  • Chicken Liver Parfait. Served with chutney and toasted Ciabatta.

Main Course:

  • Roast Chicken. Served with stuffing & Pigs in Blankets
  • Roast Beef Top Side. Served with Yorkshire pudding
  • Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Tart

All Main Courses are served with Dauphinoise potatoes, Parsnips, Carrots, Sprouts & Roast Potatoes


  • Steamed Chocolate Orange Pudding. Served with Custard
  • Red Velvet Cheesecake.
  • Trio of Cheese.– Cheese slate Served with Crackers

When is it?

Our Mystery of the Heritage Murders event is hosted on 3rd November, 6pm.

What is the cost?

We ask for a payment of £39.95, plus £1.50 booking fee for this event. This includes admission to the game, and 3 course dinner, including starter, main and dessert.

If you wish to stay with us overnight, contact us directly for a special discounted bed and breakfast rate.

Where can I sign up?

To reserve your space and join us for this fantastic annual event, you can book online here. Spaces are limited and selling fast – so book now to avoid disappointment.