Six reasons to start your gym membership today

Have months spent working from home or unable to get out and about left you feeling unfit and a little overweight?

Heritage Park Hotel offer excellent gym facilities for their members to reinvigorate their health and fitness in a friendly and supportive environment. Exercise is hugely important for our health and wellbeing, and here’s six reasons to join us today to get your workout routine set up for success…

Improve your muscle mass

‘Growth Factors’ are hormone-like compounds such as Hepatocyte, Fibroblasts and Insulin. These are given off during exercise and repair damage to muscle cells and regulate the growth of the muscle. This is just one of many direct ways that each workout will improve your physical health by building your muscle mass.

Boost your energy levels

Regular exercise helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently by improving the way in which oxygen is delivered to the cells around your body. This means that an exercise routine will help with your day to day endurance and boost your energy levels. The hormones given off during a workout, such as endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, will also help to improve your energy throughout your daily life, in direct relation to how often you are exercising.

Get a good sleep

A well-planned exercise routine will guarantee you better sleeping habits. Serotonin is a key hormone released during a workout and is heavily involved in how deeply we sleep and for how long. The essential part of an efficient night’s sleep is achieving a healthy amount of REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) and a regular routine of effective exercise will help you achieve this. Make sure you don’t exercise too late at night as this is more likely to stop you falling asleep.

Control your weight

Whether you are looking to gain muscle mass or decrease your body fat percentage, exercise is the best and only way to do this. Depending on your type of workout, weight-lifting orientated exercise can also help to sculpt individual areas of your body. Dopamine is just one of many hormones given off during a workout. It’s a pleasure hormone and is directly related to appetite and a dopamine deficiency can cause unwanted weight gain!

Improve your mental health

Aside from the obvious improvements in self-esteem and body positivity, that regular exercise can bring, it also has a profound effect on your general mood and mental health due to the chemicals released in your brain. Endorphins are just one of the body’s chemical reactions to exercise and makes you feel exhilarated and masks physical pain. The social aspect of a gym routine will also help to keep you surrounded by like-minded and health-positive people.

Your body will thank you

The human body was designed to move regularly, and years of evolution has given us these perfect, biological machines that keep us alive. Your cardiovascular, skeletal and respiratory system will all benefit from regular exercise and can boost levels of ‘good’ cholesterol, lower your blood pressure and prevent bone loss.

If you’re still unsure how regular exercise could work for you, know that Heritage Park Hotel do everything they can to accommodate your routine. We have fully equipped changing rooms, a free car park and access seven days a week. We have a friendly and approachable atmosphere for you to get started at your own pace. Commit to your personal health and wellbeing today and feel refreshed, renewed and revitalised!

(Always remember to seek medical advice before beginning a new exercise routine or style if you have any pre-existing conditions that may be affected.)